People of art, creators, today I want to talk to you!

People of art, creators, today I want to talk to you!

Oh, how wonderful it is that contemporary art has acquired digital form. Today, any London schoolboy Ahmed person with a creative spark, can create, for example, his own NFT collection with a market valuation of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The market highly rates pixel punks, yachting monkeys, whales, seals, and other fauna because people see their artistic value.

But what if NFT investors are laundering money or just trying to get a bigger delta by reselling tokens to each other? Is that why the digital NFT art market has dropped so severely?..šŸ¤”

Let's face it: there are just as few true artists in the digital world as there are in the real world. The servers of dozens of NFT marketplaces and IPFS are filled with terabytes (if not already petabytes) of useless garbage. The reputation of NFT images could be much better. Why and for whom are you creating?

Let me offer you a new form of creativity and installation:

  • discover a new facet of your work in competition for public votes

  • get more of your fans and connoisseurs of your work

  • increase the value of your NFTs in victories

  • monetize your victories in USDT

  • find new ideas and cooperation

If, all of a sudden, you have mastered graphic editors but have never dealt with smart contracts or NFT marketplaces. If you've never been in the open sea ā›µļø Don't worry! It's not that difficult to create an NFT there. I will help you understand how to work with them.

Come in, get comfortable: watch Battles, participate in them, and bring your creativity to the masses. If you are with me, you already know that you can also make money on NFT art in a completely new way, without parting with your masterpieces šŸ˜‰ Compete in your exclusivity and genius, in your creations, which can be presented in the form of NFT.

You can find all these here on Scroo-G - a platform specialized for Battles.

Let me tell you a little more about Scroo-G šŸ‘‡

The first rule of Scroo-G is to tell everyone about Scroo-G!
The second rule of Scroo-G is to tell everyone about Scroo-Gā€¼ļø

You will find out about the rest when you join the šŸ„šclubšŸ„š

At Scroo-G, we create opportunities 
for everyone through confrontation 
to make money from content 
with ease and excitement, 
stand out, create, and communicate

Scroo-G is about:

  • the competition

  • passion and earnings

  • self-realization

  • social interaction

  • creativity

The main element of Scroo-G is the Battles šŸ„Š

The entire ecosystem of the project will be built around them.

After all, competitions are always spectacular and attractive to the public. Especially when you can also earn extra money from them... šŸ˜‰

Victory in a confrontation can only be achieved by gaining a majority. And this majority must be expressed in money.

Scroo-G users vote for their favorite participant to win the Battle using USDT stablecoins. Simply put, cryptodollars. Whose NFT was voted for by a large number of cryptobucks, he won. And everyone who took the "right" side of the winner will share the whole jackpot. That is, they will return their own and take away someone else's šŸ’Ŗ

Scroo-G is an opportunity for an NFT owner, blogger, or digital artist to make money for themselves and let their fans make money.

It is also an opportunity for fans to become influencers. After all, a bad example is contagious. Today, you watch videos of your favorite blogger and tomorrow, your NFT is bending his NFT šŸ–•

Scroo-G is about a confrontation. Confrontation is the basis of the idea.
In Scroo-G, either you vote or they vote for you! šŸ«µ

Scroo-G will hold the first Battles among influencers with the support of their community very soon. They will put their NFTs against each other. This is a suitable object to compare with each other šŸ¤£

Over time, Scroo-G will be able to conduct Battles between anyone and anything!

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See you very very soon