Hey there! šŸ‘‹

Hey there! šŸ‘‹

Hey there! šŸ‘‹

Today, I want to share with you my vision of the set of problems in the NFT market and the ability of Scroo-G to finally unravel it to breathe new life into the sector. Let me boast a little: the position of Scroo-G is unique because there has NEVER been such a thing on the market! šŸ’Ž And I'm sure I can rekindle that flame of faith in the NFT sector you had a couple of years ago before a great load of non-fungible tokens of dubious reputation appeared on the market.

What do we have on the market now, when NFTs have gone from inception and euphoria to the "growing up" stage? HUGE supply and VERY SMALL penis demand for NFTs.According to open-source statistics (you can Google it if you don't believe me), there are over 80,000,000 NFTs hosted on OpenSea alone. And 80% of them are fraud, scams, andfailed projects šŸ˜±

Let's face it, even if this makes rose-tinted glasses break into pieces šŸ˜¶ Analyzing this, I saw a global problem: most NFTs have no use! Undoubtedly, some NFTs perform a utility function and are tied to some projects. Still, in 99.9% of cases, they are valuable only within the framework of this project.

And if we talk about works of art, then globally, it is just an object of market speculation.Of course, you can put NFT art on your Twitter avatar or hold it as an art object, hoping its price will grow someday (and that by then, there will still be at least one hair on your head). But more often, you just get a useless piece of code that will gather dust in your

wallet or on the NFT marketplace.

šŸ˜­ As a result, both creators and holders of NFTs have the same concerns:

šŸ‘‰ NFT-art creators need to offer buyers numerous utilities, invest large budgets in marketing, and all this with a low chance of great success

šŸ‘‰ entering the market is becoming more and more difficult, and gaining popularity is almost impossible (unless you are Logan Paul)

šŸ‘‰ NFT owners often fall for scams, after which they cannot find a use for useless arts and blame it all on the entire NFT sector, which sh*ts in their soul

šŸ‘‰ trust in projects drops significantly, the entire sphere begins to stagnate, hands give up, legs fail, the brain explodes, and the body is buried, but the soul still hurts šŸ˜‚

Thanks to my insight and ability to analyze the market (as well as common sense), I realized that the market needs a messiah - Scroo-G šŸ™ To truly develop the NFT sector today, there is no need to create millions of NFT collections. No need to clone NFT marketplaces. It is necessary to create platforms where it will be possible to use existing NFTs in a completely new way, to find them a real and exciting mass application. And that's exactly what Scroo-G does for you šŸ’”

Scroo-G will provide new opportunities for both owners and creators of NFTs. And for you

personally too, If you want it. My platform is designed to bring innovation to a stagnating ecosystem and create a new spark within it. And no, I don't compete with marketplaces and other projects (I don't need that). On the contrary, my mission is to create a unique

platform that:

šŸ‘‰ will regain high user interest in marketplaces

šŸ‘‰ will bring value and FINALLY put all that amount of NFT into use

šŸ‘‰ will give you, your friends, and other users (not even necessarily NFT holders) the opportunity to earn very good money; otherwise, it will be too boring

šŸ‘‰ will inspire developers to create more unique projects like Scroo-G, which will give all the NFT market participants a new vision and real meaning, and not just all this nonsense

That's why I know (and I'm sure you do too) that Scroo-G is doomed to success! šŸš€

Let me tell you a little more about Scroo-G šŸ‘‡

The first rule of Scroo-G is to tell everyone about Scroo-G!
The second rule of Scroo-G is to tell everyone about Scroo-Gā€¼ļø

You will find out about the rest when you join the šŸ„šclubšŸ„š

At Scroo-G, we create opportunities 
for everyone through confrontation 
to make money from content 
with ease and excitement, 
stand out, create, and communicate

Scroo-G is about:

  • the competition

  • passion and earnings

  • self-realization

  • social interaction

  • creativity

The main element of Scroo-G is the Battles šŸ„Š

The entire ecosystem of the project will be built around them.

After all, competitions are always spectacular and attractive to the public. Especially when you can also earn extra money from them... šŸ˜‰

Victory in a confrontation can only be achieved by gaining a majority. And this majority must be expressed in money.

Scroo-G users vote for their favorite participant to win the Battle using USDT stablecoins. Simply put, cryptodollars. Whose NFT was voted for by a large number of cryptobucks, he won. And everyone who took the "right" side of the winner will share the whole jackpot. That is, they will return their own and take away someone else's šŸ’Ŗ

Scroo-G is an opportunity for an NFT owner, blogger, or digital artist to make money for themselves and let their fans make money.

It is also an opportunity for fans to become influencers. After all, a bad example is contagious. Today, you watch videos of your favorite blogger and tomorrow, your NFT is bending his NFT šŸ–•

Scroo-G is about a confrontation. Confrontation is the basis of the idea.
In Scroo-G, either you vote or they vote for you! šŸ«µ

Scroo-G will hold the first Battles among influencers with the support of their community very soon. They will put their NFTs against each other. This is a suitable object to compare with each other šŸ¤£

Over time, Scroo-G will be able to conduct Battles between anyone and anything!

Battles on TON

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See you very very soon