First ever
TON based
Web3 Arena

With all types of contest and ways to earn crypto

A juicy mix of GameFi, SocialFi, NFT, and DeFi for both entertainment and earning in one place

Scroo-G is: competitive games in Telegram Web App

  • Join squads and invite friends.

  • Work your way up the leagues together to earn more EGGS.

  • Play games and farm EGGS.

Collect as many EGGS as you can and score an airdrop that'll blow your mind!

Scroo-G features live battle contests between content creators

earning crypto bucks for himself and his community.

Scroo-G already has its own Web3 arena on BNB network.

Victory in Battles is achieved by gaining a sheer majority of user votes expressed with USDT. The one who's been voted for with more crypto bucks wins. And those who supported the dark right side will reclaim their own and take away someone else's.

Coming soon, project token $SCRG and USDT on TON will be used in battles!

Scroo-G — is a fantastic way to earn crypto

and a great way to have a great time

Right now you can:

  • Earn USDT on BSC network by winning battles

  • Receive cashback and referral income for inviting others to battles

  • earn points for the $SCRG token airdrop by playing games in Telegram

  • Get game bonuses and additional points by inviting friends to play games

The early birds get the best worms!


is The Open Network token with native utility

in the existing product

Thanks to integration with TON network, entertainment on the Scroo-G web arena is becoming accessible to the widest audience possible

TON network integration includes:

  • TON Coin

  • USDT (TON)

  • The project’s token $SCRG.

The project’s token $SCRG allows to:

  • vote in battles

  • apply it in games

  • purchase in marketplace

  • farm

  • receive airdrops

  • participate in project’s DAO

And no square pegs in round holes!

Scroo-G — is Event2Earn platform

that allows you to earn in variety of contests while staying entertained

Scroo-G is all about competition.
Competition is at the heart of the idea.

People love to compete. They need to be better than someone else. We love to dominate!

Scroo-G gives everyone who has something to show the chance to measure themselves against an opponent in order to:

  • prove their superiority

  • promote themselves and their content

  • and earn money

Meanwhile, others can vote for the winner and capitalize on his victory.

It's just like in major sports, Eurovision, or Oscars.


Created project’s prototype

Closed pre-seed funding round of $500k+: capital raised for project development

Integrated with live streaming platforms: conducted live streaming battles through YouTube and Twitch.

Launched beta testing: successfully launched platform beta version to give initial user an opportunity to evaluate functionality and interface.

Released Scroo-G Battles MVP on BNB Smart Chain network

Launched Telegram web-app:

Launched the first game - Falling Eggs

Launched the second game - iDuck Farm

Launched a 2-stage referral program

Launched Leaderboards

Launched Marketplace for purchasing with "EGGS"

Launched Leagues system for competition among players

Launched Squads to gather gaming communities

Launched Quest platform for additional earning of in-game currency "EGGS"

Launched Quest campaign for the community

Formed partnership with Clarnium (

Established partnership with NAKOMOTO Games (

Scroo-G - a club for those with EGGS

Join us!

Battles on TON

Smart Contract


TON Connect

See you very very soon